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Daz Drew – Bolton


My journey to driving with Mohammed Dawood. Hello review readers, I’m Daz and I am going to be talking about my journey with Darz Driving School and how I managed to pass despite having several learning difficulties.
I have learning difficulties such as; autism, high anxiety, ADHD and moderate learning difficulties and in this review I am going to tell you the whole journey; including the ups and downs with me learning how to drive, to which I passed with 2 minor driving faults on the 8th September 2017.
When I first began my driving lessons with Dawood, my mum said to him you take my son out for a driving lesson and tell him that he’s not capable of driving. Boy did we prove her wrong when she discovered that I had passed my test.
Of course I had my lessons with the great and Powerful Mohammed Dawood and I say great and Powerful because there was times were I thought I had no chance in passing my driving test ever and I would get stressed at him when ever he pointed out a fault; but more about that later on in the review.
Let’s start at the beginning; for the first 10 hours of lessons I couldn’t turn left and right properly without hitting the kerb, so I was always in the training area until I mastered it.
I also took the initiative to search on YouTube driving lesson videos to help me gain some knowledge and understanding of turns and positioning and many other aspects of driving. As it helped me to learn visually.
World driving; learn-to-drive Travis and purple driving are some of the YouTube channels I watched, which really helped me to gain some knowledge and experience of driving.
It took a lot of patience and work for me and Dawood to get it all down to a tee; but after looking back at the footage from the Dash cam on the iPad I began to realise were I was going wrong and how I could turn without hitting the kerb and navigate safely and correctly.

After I had mastered turning left and right, we went on to do some simple junctions which were located just a few metres away from the training area.
At first, I was driving a little bit to close to parked cars, so I had to work on getting my distance of one meter away from the parked cars. This again took me a few lessons to master but again the amount of patience with Mohammed was immense.
After I had mastered the basic junctions, we went on to learn mini roundabouts and medium roundabouts; boy did I have quite a few near misses the first few times and a lot of hesitation.
Many times I had drove onto medium and mini roundabouts when I thought it was safe but in fact it wasn’t, I had a go at Mohammed a few times saying that no it was fine but when I saw the footage on the iPad; I understood why it was wrong of me to go at that specific moment of time.
I used to look to my right far to long, resulting me into missing the perfect opportunity for me to go and progress in driving.
After mastering the roundabouts, we then went on to do complex traffic lights, boy was that an absolute nightmare with right turns at traffic lights left turns was fine, but the right turn traffic lights I had really struggled with.
Of course Mohammed showed me some diagrams to help me wrap my head around turning right at traffic lights, which really helped me a lot as I am a very visual learner; which is why the diagrams helped me to understand the situation.
After the roundabouts, I went on to learn how to drive on a dual carriageway, which I really enjoyed learning this subject and I picked it up quite quickly, so I didn’t really need much lessons on that subject.
The dual carriageway really helped me to be a lot more aware on the roads because cars can merge from the slip road or try and switch lanes there for having to constantly check mirrors at regular intervals.
We then went through all the a manoeuvres that required a lot of going over throughout my entire journey of learning to drive.
I then came out to pass my test with two minor driving faults on September 8th 2017.
I would like to thank Mohammed Dawood for taking the time and patience to helping me pass even though at times he could have dropped me for my attitude I gave him throughout my journey. I am thankful for everything that he has done for me.
No matter what problems you have, I think that me and Mohammed have proved that no matter what difficulties you have; if you want to drive you will push yourself to learn and become as successful as I have been to passing my test.
Thanks again Mohammed Dawood and all of the team from Darz Driving School, anyone looking for a reliable driving school with excellent instructors I would highly highly highly recommend Darz Driving School.

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