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    Crash course whitefield   A

    utomatic crash course

    Crash course whitefield will allow you to learn at a very fast rate if you are capable. The fact the the course is so condensed means that little is forgotten the next day. With the usual weekly driving lessons, a certain amount of time is spent getting back up to speed due to the weeks break from driving. An intensive course can save you time and potentially money as you may need less hours.


    Crash course whitefield


    Pass yours Test with 6 Hours crash course for £350


    Intensive Course Whitefield     Automatic crash course

    Our intensive driving courses are run by Approved driving instructors local to the chosen test centre, so not only do they have the skills to offer you the very best chance of passing, but can give you some local knowledge on the driving test routes. Each intensive driving course can be run over consecutive days – or they can be split if you choose to include a theory test with your course. All of our driving crash courses are run 1 to 1 with just you and the driving instructor in the car at any time.

    Crash course whitefield

    Pass yours Test with 10Hours crash course for £550


    Automatic Courses with Darz-DS

    If you’re looking to learn to drive in an automatic, you’re in luck:

    At Darz-Ds we have high numbers of automatic training cars and we are always available for our crash course. our intensive course can be taken in either a manual or an automatic car. Simply fill the form above to Get started, or Ring us to find out more.

    With an auto, you won’t have to worry about clutch control or wearing your clutch out. You’ll also avoid the sudden stopping and starting that drives manual drivers insane in an inner-city traffic jam


    Pass yours Test with 15 Hours course for £750

    Automatic crash course

    Lesson duration 


    Duration of Assessment lessons will be 90 or 60 minutes . Actual duration of intensive course will be 3 to 5 hours per day. You can also do 2.5 hrs in morning and 2.5hrs in afternoon or evening .
    Competitive prices:-
     We offer high quality driving tuition across Bolton and surrounding area and our rates and fixed and not negotiable . Choose a course of your choice with confidence by using form on top of this page.


    Automatic crash course Manual crash course
    With Test Fee Without Test Fee With Test Fee Without Test Fee
    06 Hrs course £350 £250 £350 £250
    10 Hrs course £550 £450 £550 £450
    15 Hrs course £750 £650 £750 £650
    20 Hrs course £898 £798 £898 £798
    25 Hrs course £1065 £965 £1065 £965
    30 Hrs course £1285 £1185 £1285 £1185
    35 Hrs course £1399 £1299 £1399 £1299





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    Crash Course whitefield

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