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Intensive Driving Lessons in Bury



Intensive Driving Lessons in Bury


An Intensive Driving Course can be the solution to getting through your driving test quickly, and avoiding some of the difficulties that hourly driving lessons can have.

Intensive Driving Courses are especially useful to people with very little spare time in their normal schedule to fit in driving lessons. Take a week off work, do an Intensive Driving Course, and take your Driving Test. Many Driving Schools offer Intensive Driving Courses that are either not as Intensive as you are originally told, or are badly planned. Some Driving Schools offer set length courses, Without any assessment of your driving! How can they know what length of course you will need just by speaking to you on the telephone? Some Driving Schools will start your course without a driving test booking, and hope that they can find an appointment that someone has cancelled, you might complete your course and not be able to take a test!

Before we arrange your Intensive Driving Course we will first assess your driving, both to ascertain your current ability, and also to assess how quickly you learn. Based on this assessment we will advise you of the length of Intensive Driving Course you will need. We will then plan your course with you and book your driving test appointment to coincide with your Intensive Driving Course.

We offer Intensive driving courses in the following areas: Manchester, Bury, Bolton, Leigh, Wigan, and Blackburn.


Q) How does your intensive course work?

A) Once a deposit has been paid, basically, we agree a start date, normally a Monday. We pick you up from your home every day. Any hours of in car training would be done during the week, Monday to Friday (3 – 6 hrs per day). The exact daily times are agreed when the driving instructor calls and books you in. If a theory test is required, we book it for you normally Monday or Tuesday afternoon, so that you take it after your lesson that day with the instructor. The in car training continues daily to use your hours up, and we get the quickest possible driving test, ideally for Friday PM at your local driving test centre.  The final 90 minutes of all standard driving test courses is for hiring the car to take the driving test using the driving instructors vehicle. The DVSA do not provide cars so you will need to use your driving instructors vehicle.

Q) The waiting list for a driving test in my area is over 2 months away, how do you get one for the end of my course?

A) Our expert team will work tirelessly to find you an extremely short notice driving test, while our instructors are busy teaching, we are busy doing the admin.

Most driving schools cannot have this system because they are one person teaching during the day, they have very little time to actually access the DVSA website or call them. There are cancellations all the time at the local test centres, several per week get cancelled and rebooked by other pupils, you just need someone doing the hard work to find them before anyone else snaps them up for you- us!


Intensive Driving Lessons in Bury

Q) Are the test fees included in the price?
A) Yes – all prices we quote include the test fees, we book them for you. You can book in with your own tests already booked, we just remove the fees off the total cost.

Please Note: We require at least 7  days prior notice for booking cancellations, There will be £25 charges for cancellations made at any time.


Intensive Driving Lessons in Bury

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