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Driving Lessons in Kearsley

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 Driving Lessons in Kearsley

Driving Lessons in Kearsley

Learn How You Can Save Over £500 on Passing Your Driving Test

There are many people just like you who are searching for cheap driving lessons in kearsley but without the risk of reducing the quality of the driving lesson.
Today we are going to prove to you why we are the right driving school in kearsley to choose, by demonstrating how you could save a fortune on passing your driving test.

Yes there are offers where perhaps you can save £1 or £2 an hour or maybe even up to £100 with certain driving instructors in Kearsley, but that is nothing compared to what you are about to learn.
We are going to start off with the DVSA, have you heard of them? They are the government agency for driving, and cater for things like driving tests and examiners.
They say that the average learner driver takes 47 hours of professional tuition and a further 20 hours of private practice to pass the driving test; this is where we start to save you money.

Driving Lessons in Kearsley

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The average learner will driver will consist of people who only book an hourly lesson each week, and it really is a good way to lose money, its the last thing you want to do when trying to save. The problem is really clear and easy to follow, come the following week what have you remembered? Hardly anything!
As soon as you eave the car you start to forget and the skills you build up diminish, it means that the following week you pretty much have to start all over again but on the second lesson it will be a little easier. Nether the less you are still repeating yourself and even if this was just for 15 minutes, it means that for every four hours you waste one.
Lets do the sums. Based on those figures, if you take a hour hour lesson once a week, you are potentially over spending by 12 hours. Thats around £300

Moving on, we can also look at how you can eliminate the need for private practice.

Patrick Collingborn
It will cost around £30 a week to insure an average family car, fuel it and to cover the cost of wear and tear. It doesn’t sound a lot of money, but multiply that over 3 months and you are touching the £400 mark.

Driving Lessons in Kearsley

So how do you save around £300 by having fewer driving lessons and in the region of £400 by cutting out the need of private practice?
This is a very simple process.

1. Pass your theory test early, you will learn so much and your instructor will not need to prompt you as much.
2. Once you have passed your theory look for a sensible date for your practical test with your instructor.
3. Make your lessons either 90 minutes or 2 hours in length
4. Have a driving lesson every 3 to 4 days

By using this process you will save time, pass much earlier than most learner drivers and importantly save yourself an awful lot of money.

Call us today to find out how we are going to help you drive.

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Manual Driving Lessons Price List

Standard Lesson: £25 per Hour

Taster Lesson: £46 per 2 Hours

5 Hours Deal £125

10 Hours Deal £225(beginner only deal)

20 Hours Deal £450

30 Hours Deal £690

40 Hours Deal £880