40 Hours intensive Course

40 Hours intensive Course



This is not crash course and only allows pupil to do  4-6 hour per weeks

Note:- This is not one week course and does not inlcude test booking at the end of course.



Fast Pass Courses

This course is suitable for Pupil with 0-5 hours plus experience.

course price includes 40 hours in total

38 hours training

2 hours for day of test for hire car purpose

Automatic and Manual tuition car
Experience driving instructor and not a trainee driving instructors unlike other local school.

This is not Guaranteed pass course


Term & Condition
payment need to made to Darz driving school in full.
we need 7 days cancelation notice to cancel any appointment.

Any used hours are non refundable in any circumstances.

Any additional Hours are £35 per hours.

pupil need to do mock test and pass mock test before attempting practical driving test.

if end of course our instructor feel you are not test ready, instructor reserve the right to withhold car for purpose of test.



40 Hours intensive course

If you are planning to pass your test fast then Crash Course is best and fastest way to pass your test. Last year 90% of our clients pass first time using our crash course facility and good news is we have experienced instructors available to conduct these courses. join us and pass your test fast with Bolton best crash course provider.

another Happy pupil after passing 35 hours crash course with our instructor adnan darz

40 Hours Crash course


Intensive Course Bolton

Intensive driving courses allow people to get on the road quickly, if they need their driving licence urgently for employment, or for any other reason.

Learning styles differ from person to person. If you work well under pressure and are good at retaining a lot of information in one go, an intensive driving course could be the best choice for you.

Going intensive could be the most cost effective option if you find it fits to your learning style. Paying a one off fee could see you spend less than having driving lessons stretched over a period of a few months. As long as you pass, that is!

40 Hours Crash course


Intensive Driving Courses are especially useful to people with very little spare time in their normal schedule to fit in driving lessons. Take a week off work, do an Intensive Driving Course, and take your Driving Test. Many Driving Schools offer Intensive Driving Courses that are either not as Intensive as you are originally told, or are badly planned. Some Driving Schools offer set length courses, Without any assessment of your driving!

How can they know what length of course you will need just by speaking to you on the telephone? Some Driving Schools will start your course without a driving test booking, and hope that they can find an appointment that someone has cancelled, you might complete your course and not be able to take a test.


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