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Why Take Automatic Driving Lessons


Why Take Automatic Driving Lessons

                     Why take Automatic Driving Lessons

Ladies and gentlemen like it or not in 2013 cars with manual gear boxes rolled over and died. We as a UK population purchased 25 percent of the 1.8 million cars before 20th of October this year were automatic. Many car manufacturers which make prestige and mass produced cars can see this reality.

Manufacturers such as Tesla, Audi, Volkswagen and Toyota are offering models which are not only with Automatic transmission but hybrid with excellent environmentally friendly credentials and reliability. Technology is improving in a fast pace self-driving cars are being experimented on public roads. Features such as an autopilot, autobraking and Auto parking are boasted about on many car models which have automatic transmission.

As a driving school, we can see this change in trend and consumer demand. Our leaners priorities are changing with professionals and students ahead of the game. We help and offer variety of courses which help our learners to make more informed decisions about their driving lessons and life style. We have only been in this business for 5 years and are ranked the 4th best driving school out of 4,844 uk driving instructors as per customer reviews (



Allow me to give you a few famous scenarios in which choosing your driving lessons in an automatic car will change your life.

Exhibit A:

I am a student learning in college looking forward to enrolling in a university away from home town (freedom at last). I have been taking lessons in a manual car for over 6 months can’t seem to get a hang of multitasking with clutch control and gears change. Would love to pass my driving test before I move away not a fan of public transport .


Choose one of our intensive courses in an automatic car no more hassle with gears and clutch control.

You can focus on other competencies of your driving test and pass within weeks.

Exhibit B:

I am a Doctor working over 70 hrs a week took a few driving lessons in a manual car but couldn’t keep the consistency, now due to my placement away from home with in 3 months I got to pass my driving as soon as possible. Don’t have a clue what to do no intentions of taking massive amount of lessons in a manual car.


Automatic car is the remedy to your problems Doctor. Book one of our crash courses in an automatic car and be on your way to glory. May we point out you can upgrade your licence to manual by sitting the test again at any point in future.

Why kutomatic Driving Lessons

Exhibit C:

I am a single parent trying to juggle with work and home life. Been taking lessons for a manual car for over a year can’t seem to pass my test failed a few times. Really struggling with multi-tasking in a manual car and pressure of home life. Feel like giving up driving can’t see the light on the end of the tunnel.

why automatic driving lessons


Throw away the peer pressure and bite the bullet. Choose one of our rescue courses for an automatic car and pass within weeks.

Many car dealers have Automatic cars for budget prices sitting in their forecourts.

Enjoy the freedom with your family.

Why Take Automatic Driving Lessons