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You have decided you want to learn how to drive and there is not shortage of driving schools to choose from, but who do you choose? That is a pretty big problem and if it makes things a little easier for you, every learner goes through this selection nightmare.
Of course the result you want here is a decent driving instructor who is not going to mess you around, won’t rip you off by making you take extra lessons and you want a really decent chance of passing your driving test on the first attempt.

What you are asking for is really reasonable but the problem faced is that there is hardly any information to help you to make the right choice…until now that is. When you speak to a drive school you usually will ask these questions.

a) How much are your lessons?
b) How many lessons will I need?
c) What car do you have?
d) Where are you located?
e) What is your pass rate?

The closest question to helping you satisfy your guy feeling is the last one, but even then you know the answer can be smudged, so here are a few points you need to consider.

1. Before you phone the school check their website to see if they offer advanced lessons, pass plus or motorway lessons. All driving instructors agree the driving test is not as good as it should be, you are not tested at night, in bad weather, in different road conditions or on motorways. Therefore if the school does not offer these type of lessons, why? You don’t have to take them, but surely if they are a quality outfit thinking of you first then they would provide such lessons.