1 Hour Lesson (Auto/Manual)

1 Hour Lesson (Auto/Manual)


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  • training supervised by ORDIT TRAINER AND SENIOR EXAMINER
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*The low priced lessons are offered by our PDIs.




“Lesson at these price are only available to book online”

What is the Difference Between An ADI And PDI?

What does PDI mean?

PDI stands for potential driving instructor.

Colour of badge – Pink

The PDI licence is given to driving instructors who are still in the process of their training.

A potential driving instructor must complete three tests that are set by the DVSA before they become an approved driving instructor. If you are being taught by a potential driving instructor, this means that they have completed two of these three tests and are actively working their way towards taking their final test in obtaining an ADL licence.

After 6 months of teaching learners, the potential driving instructor must take and pass their final exam. If they don’t, their PDI licence will expire and they won’t be allowed to teach any longer. If a potential driving instructor fails their final test three times, their PDI licence will be taken away.


Is it OK to drive with a PDI driving instructor?

Yes. As a PDI driving instructor there are restrictions on the way that they can teach learners, however, they are still able to teach pupils in a vehicle and does not necessarily mean that the standard of Instruction is any less than that of an approved driving instructor.

Every driving instructor by law, regardless whether they hold a PDI badge or an ADI badge, must display the licence in their vehicles. This is to let pupils know if they are being trained by a potential driving instructor, or an approved driving instructor.

If your instructor is charging you for lessons but does not display either a green or pink badge, they are breaking the law.


What does ADI mean?

ADI stands for approved driving instructor.

Colour of badge – Green

The ADI licence is giving to driving instructors who are fully trained and have passed all DSA examinations.

Registered driving instructors are formally referred to as Approved Driving Instructors or ADIs for short. ADIs are required to register themselves with the DVSA.

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