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Manual Lessons

If you want to ensure you can drive any car (manual or automatic) then you’ll need to learn how to drive a manual. It’s a fantastic thing to do as you’ll learn all about the different gears and how they can be used to aid your control of the car, it’s speed and your safety.

You will receive a welcome book at the start of the training, which will help you with your leaning allowing your progress to be tracked. Lessons will be conducted professionally; Always 1-2-1 training,

Following are the Darz Driving School lesson prices and packages:

We offer 90,120, and 150 minute lessons. Included in this is online theory support (using theory test pro), with Theory and Practical test’s included.


Driving Lessons


Standard Lesson (£50 / 2 hours)

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Rescue Course (£160/6 hours including use of car on practical test)

This deal is for ideal for someone who has some experience, is of test standard, or has failed test and needs quick remedy. price may varies as per area.

Taster Lesson (£45/2 hours)

If you want to know what our lessons are like, this is best opportunity to find out what we’re all about. Please note that once you pass in an automatic car, you will not be able to drive a manual car, so we recommend you also take a taster lesson in a manual car before making a final decision on the type of car you wish to learn in.

4 Weeks Fast Pass Course (£925 including practical, theory test and cancellations Finder)

This course is for someone who has not done any lesson and want to do intensive training . theory and practical test fee available . 36 hours tuition  included in this price.

2 Weeks Intensive Course (£575/20 hours, £470/15 hours, £320/10 hours)

This course is aimed at people who already have good experience and want to take their test as soon as possible. Please note that these prices also include the driving test fee.

5 Hours Deal £120 – 

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Quick Deal (£225/10 hours) 


15 Hours Deal £335

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20 Hours Deal £450

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25 Hours Deal £575

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30 Hours Deal £680

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40 Hours Deal £900

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Potential Driving Instructor
 10 HOURS FOR £210

 02 HOURS FOR £45

 05 HOURS FOR £115


Pass Plus Course (£220/7 hours)

This comprises of 6 modules to enhance your skills. This is a recommended course for a new driver or for drivers who want to enhance their skills. The 6 modules involved are: Town driving, Night driving, Rural areas, Motorways, Dual carriageways, and Varying weather conditions. An additional part of this course is teaching pupils how to keep car road worthy.

Motorway/Refresher Lessons (£81/3 hours)

Getting back into driving or driving on motorway could be stressful and it is safer to take a extra lesson before attempting to drive in your new car.

Use of car on driving test day £35

 These rates are only for existing pupils only and not for new pupils.

1 Hour Driving Lesson + Car on Test Day £60

 These rates are only for existing pupils only and not for new pupils.

90 Minutes Driving Lesson + Car on Test Day £75

 These rates are only for existing pupils only and not for new pupils.


Please note: These rates are for first block of lesson after that it is normal price.  Only instructor can authorize further discounts on any extra block booking

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