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Right now I will be telling you how easy it is to pass your theory test.

Best advice i will give you is to download the app on your smartphone as you dont need to go through hassle of turning on your laptop to revise theory .
You can litterly revise anywhere like traveling on the bus ,on your lunch break , in bed just before sleeping .

1:- Get the most latest software CD or app (recommended) and make a time table to do theory revision.

2:- Most of the apps or cds have nearly 1100 multiple choice question which nearly take around 15-30 hrs to study .
If you don’t understand questions.write it down and ask your instructor in your lesson or you can research your questions to findout more.
It is best practice to study official sources to gain more knowledge and skills.
(focus on the best media in the market)

3:- once you have revised all sections of multiple choice then start doing mock test once a day.
In mock test you will be asked 50 questions. If you are achieving 45/50 more than few times that means you are ready for multiple choice.

4:-you now need to move to hazard clips section which is also known as CGI clips.
In this section you will be shown 14 differents clips . Each clip has one hazard in one clip apart from one which has double hazards and you can score upto 10 marks in that clip.

5:- Try and identify hazards in clips as soon as possible and click on time to gain more marks . Any hazard which could change your speed or direction is what you need to look for in each clip their is one possible hazard so dont click randomly as that can backfire.That could get you a ZERO mark.

we at darz driving school provide free theory app or online software to existing pupil where our instrutors can track your progess and can guide you to pass theory test first attepmt.

we are also giving free online road signs pdf book .
click on link below to download free book.