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Hasan Ali


My name is Hasan Ali and I have been teaching driving for 18 years and therefore have gathered a lot of experience and miles during this time. To me, driving is a required life skill and I am committed to teaching my pupils how to be safe and confident on the roads. My priority is not only ensure that a pupil passes but to ensure that they have achieved a skill that will help them be safe and avoid endangering their own life as well as others. I pay attention to each pupil and assess their main strengths and weaknesses individually.

I have been approved by DVSA. In my recent Standards Check by DVSA I acquired the Grade ‘ A. In my experience the majority of my pupils have passed their test the first time. Also been working for BSM for a long time. When a pupil is nearing test standard I will perform a mock test thus placing the pupils in an exam situation and taking the opportunity to cover many types of road conditions. During this time I pay special attention to any weaknesses and focus on the most common driver faults which I know can cost people their test and more importantly lead to potential accidents.

Learning to drive is a life skill and I am committed to educating my pupils on how to be ‘safe for life.

Reviews By Customers
Chan long WongChan long WongDarz Driving School
Hasan is a superb driving instructor. He’s fun to learn with and has a great sense of humour! Hilarious analogies are to be expected, along with quick progression during lessons and an overall feeling of confidence and competence. Thanks mate!”
My driving instructor Hasan was excellent. He made me feel completely comfortable behind the wheel which enabled my confidence to grow. Passing my test first time is one of my biggest achievements.I rate my experience with yourselves as 10 out of 10!
Passed my test today with one small minor after only 24 hours of driving. My Instuctor was Hasan , great instructor and would definitely recommend to everyone . Thanks for everything!

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