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Driving Lesson in horwich


Driving Lesson in horwich

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ADNAN MUNIR DAR                                                   SHPRESA ALIU

ZOOM TO SUCCESS with our amazing beginner driving lessons.

Right from the very first lesson you will be driving and soon you will see your skills

developing right in front of your eyes.

This is the perfect course for the total novice who wants to learn quickly.

driving lesson in horwich

Driving Lesson in horwich


Best Driving Instructor Bolton

As a beginner driver you want to have great driving lessons so that you can pass as quickly as you can, saving you some money while have a really enjoyable experience of learning to drive.
Let us share with you what will happen on your first driving lesson…
We will take you to a quiet area which is free from traffic so you can start your training, even if you live on a quiet street we will still go elsewhere because friends and family, waving you off, can create a little nervous tension. We see it as part of our job to get you totally relaxed and comfortable because that way you are going to learn a lot more.


Pesa-Shpresa Aliu

Of course on your first driving lesson you will be driving, the lesson is called “starting off and stopping” and is the first lesson on the learning to drive syllabus, depending how quickly you pick up these skills on your first lesson, we could move onto start learning the next skill. You see all of your learning is at your pace.

driving lessons in horwich
When you are taught a skill we make a note, recording your progress, and once you can do the skill on your own we make another note. We use something called a progress report form, it helps you see exactly how much you have learned and what else you need to cover before passing your driving test.
Pick the phone up and give us a call today or fill the form below.
We will be delighted to help you get your driving licence

Driving Lesson in horwich

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