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Become a Driving Instructor

we are fastest growing school in northwest and our ORDIT trainer has trained over 200 Driving instructors who are currently running their business successfully. To become a successful driving Instructor, enrol with us and join fastest Growing school.

we offer part 1 , part 2 ,Part 3 , standard check test training and Fleet training.

 Driving Instructor training

Become a Driving Instructor

Instructor Training Part 1


This consists of 100 multiple choice questions. These are of an advance nature which includes all normal driver theory test questions and Instructor Techniques.
The minimum pass score is 85%

Hazard Perception

This consists of 14 one minute video clips which you have to identify the hazards in each clip by ‘clicking’ the computer mouse.

A minimum score of 57 out of 75 is required to pass.

Every clip is worth up to 5 points and one of the clips is worth 10 points.

Both the Theory & Hazard Perception Test have to be passed at the same sitting to pass the test. There are no limits to the amount of times this test may be attempted.


DSA Books:

  • The Highway Code
  • Driving Essentials
  • Know Your Road Signs

The above are available from WS Smiths costing £18.47 for all 3.


  • The Complete Official Theory Test Kit
  • we can provide you theory test pro app or online study material for free.

The above are available from WS Smiths costing £19.99

Become a Driving Instructor   Driving Instructor training

Instructor Training Part 2

Become a Driving Instructor

The Advanced Driving Test

Lasts approx 1 hour and consists of:

  • Eye Sight Check- reading a vehicle registration from a distance of up to 90 feet.
  • Basic Maintenance / Safety Checks to your vehicle known as Show Me-Tell Me questions.
  • Driving over a set route for up to 60 Minutes on various types of roads:
    – Side Roads
    – A Road (Urban & Rural)
    – Motorways & Dual Carriageways
  • Demonstrate following a SATNAV and road signs
  • Demonstrating all 4 manoeuvres:
    – Emergency Stop
    – Reverse out of parking space
    – Pull up on the right hand side of the road and reverse back 2 car lengths
    – Reverse Bay Park
    – Reverse Parallel Park

You can make no more than 6 minor driver faults to pass and you are allowed a maximum of 3 attempts.


Become a Driving Instructor   Driving Instructor training

Instructor Training Part 3

Become a Driving InstructorThe Test lasts for approximately 1 hour  and from late in the year 2017 the Part 3 Test will change to align with the new ADI Standards Check, ORDIT Trainers will provide a Log Book to complete with PDIs and they will take a customer, friend or family member to the test and complete a 1 hour driving lesson to demonstrate there ability in a realistic situation rather then the false roll play situation that doesn’t show your true ability

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