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Automatic driving instructor Bolton


Automatic Driving Lessons in Bolton.

 Abdul Majid

My name is Abdul Majid .I am automatic approved driving instructor for Darz driving school . I offer automatic driving lessons in Bolton.

My professional roller coaster has taken me through from working in retail management to customer services in telecommunications.

Being a driving instructor became my calling thanks to darz from the universe of ADIs. Superhero moment that was i never looked back contributing in so many peoples life from different backgrounds is motivating and rewarding. Join us train with the best and be a safe driver for life .

Driving lessons car

i am using Audi Etron which is fantastic car to learn to drive . join us and we will celebrate your pass together.

Automatic driving instructor Bolton

automatic driving lessons in Bolton.


Following are few reviews and pictures of successful pupils.

Everyone meet Mr Hussein umar passed his practical driving test on the first attempt at Bolton Test centre.

“From the day I started driving right till the day of my test, working with these guys and Abdul in particular has been amazing, he’s one funny guy and makes lessons fun and informative. If you listen to the man and pay attention I can go as far as guarantee a first time pass, as was the case with myself. I don’t think I’ve ever had a boring lesson either, and the online based lesson by lesson progress tracker helped loads for me personally and for my family to track my progress which is always good. Overall the entire journey was fantastic and would recommend the school as a whole. “

Hussein Umar


Everyone meet Dr Amanda Koh passed her practical driving test today first attempt pass in only 30 hrs of intensive tuition .

Proud of you Girl ? it was a pleasure to be a part of your success.Enjoy your graduation ceremony and holiday? .

Best wishes to you and your family from all of us at Darz driving school .
Be a safe driver ?

 Review by Dr.amanda koh

Meet Dr Omayma Hemida passed her Automatic  practical driving test today with flying colours ?.
Really proud of you doctor .
Well done and Best wishes from all of us at
Darz driving school .
Be a safe driver ?

Best Automatic Driving school Bolton

“I think I was a difficult learner, driving overseas for 3 decades!!, I thought my problem is just to drive on the left side of the road,. But I realized it is not like that.. It is a process of reformulating and reshaping me as a driver in UK..
My Instructor Abdu Has achieved that.. He is so insightful.. Talented in dealing with an adult learner.
He made a plan to develop my skills one after the other..
And here I am.. I passed from first time. I recommend Darz because they understand what are the learner needs and the most efficient way to develop that.”

Dr .Omayma Hemida

best automatic driving lessons in Bolton.

Best automatic driving lessons in Bolton.

Best Driving Instructor Bolton Darz

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Automatic driving instructor BoltonAutomatic driving Lessons in Bolton

Automatic driving instructor Bolton